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Watch Your Life: A Five-Week Bible-Study on Spiritual Discernment.

Do you feel your faith wearing down? Is your belief slipping? If yes, you may be experiencing ‘believer’s fatigue’, or a feeling of being spiritually drained and defeated. I have written about this phenomenon extensively and it is the subject of my latest book, Watch Your Life: The Believer’s Guide to Thinking, Speaking and Acting Confidently in a Belief-Challenged World.

According to studies, believers are leaving the faith at an astounding rate.

Why is faith waning? The last three words of my book’s subtitle offer clues: We are living in a belief-challenged world, where, if you challenge the ideas or question the truth of authority of a given group of people, you tend to wear down what that group believes.

If we look to Scripture, we’d also see the answer to the question of ‘why’ was no different to the early saints than it is today. In I Timothy 4, Paul alerts Timothy of a coming great apostasy or falling away from the faith. Why? Because they will be deceived by false teachers. For the early church, those “false teachers” were those in the immediate environment, even some working from the inside out. Today, in our technologically advanced society, false teachers, because of the effects of secularism and pluralism, come at a dime a dozen!

Hence, Paul warns, “Watch your life and doctrine closely”. (v.16)

This admonition is the subject of our Watch Your Life Five Week Bible Study beginning each Wednesday April 6 through May 3! I Timothy 4:16 is our mirror for spiritual discernment, or understanding and knowing what is happening to us, as believers, through the power of the Holy Spirit. In the end, it’s not what’s happening around us as much as what’s happening within us.

You can participate one of three ways: group webinar, self-paced or 1:1 mentoring. There will be live Q&A sessions, optional graded quizzes and much more. Additionally, all participants will be granted free access to the upcoming Watch Your Life Three-Day Believers Challenge this summer!

The five-week bible-study is free! You only must download the eBook and e-workbook here:

To register for the event, click here:

Your doctrine is your life. Your life is your doctrine.

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