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Three Success-Busting Mindsets That Must Be Eliminated

Two people are in the same challenging situation for the same amount of time and facing financial, relational or other pesky obstacles that will determine their future. Which person will emerge victorious? Which person will remain mired? The person in possession of positive mental habits, the one whose constant mantra is "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me"!

In short, the one who emerges on top will often be the person who has eliminated success-busting mindsets. To paraphrase the former president, Barack Obama: Change will not come if you wait for some other time. You are the change you seek! Move beyond these three success-busting mindsets to make that change happen.

MindSet#1: I Don’t Have Time

This is the individual that has been sequestered by time: they don’t have time, so time has them. These are people who count time but do not make time count. They fail to grasp this one simple principle: every human on the planet has an allotment of twenty-fours each day. Break it down either way you want, it’s still twenty-four hours. How you manage said allotment determines the outcome.


Earl Nightingale said it best: Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. You may have more time if you enjoy the time you have. Time is money. Money is time. Take a look at your time-management practices. Be willing to make changes. Identify the biggest block of time and where it’s being spent. Is it kids? Is it social activities? Is it church? Either way, how much time are you putting into these activities? Where can you cut back and allocate to other areas of your life? Once you have answered these basic questions, you will have firmer grasp on where your time is going and what changes to make.

MindSet#2: I Don’t Have Money

Next to time, this is the most-often cited mindset for failure. Usually when people say they don’t have money, they often mean they don’t have capital or resources at their disposal. Do we need money for success? No! All we need for success are two things: idea and desire. Idea plus desire equal capital.


Satchel Paige once advised, Work like you don’t need the money! I love the sentiment because it embodies becoming so engrossed in your idea and your dream that what you need becomes less an impediment. Money does not remain static like a pond, money is a dynamic force – it moves like a river. But you must first have a dream. Dream big. Set goals. Use what you do have and worry less about what you do not have. Maybe consider cutting back in other areas of your life to allocate more funds toward launching your dream.

MindSet#3: I Don’t Have Support

This could mean a lot of things. A lot of people succumb to negative mindsets for success because they fear being ridiculed; in a sense, their dreams are mocked to death. Most people just need a little encouragement and a pat on the back. They just need to know their friends and family have their back when times get tough (and they will get tough!).


How much can we really depend on when it comes to support from other people? Literally none! You must make the determination that you are going to be successful – support or not. This is where positive self-talk comes in. Write affirmations. Read positive literature. Surround yourself with positive go-getters as opposed to negative nay-sayers. In the end, though, Abraham Lincoln was spot on when he opined: The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.

You are the change you seek!

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