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The Cost of Preparation for Doing God’s Work for Black Seminarians

The call to preparation for black seminarians in training to pursue ordination, become religious leaders, or prepare for next-level ministry is a costly one!

According to data from the Association of Theological Schools, debt incurred by Black graduates in the 2019-2020 academic year averaged $42,700, compared with $31,200 for white grads.

Other data shows 30% of Black graduates in the 2020-2021 academic year had debt of $40,000 or more, compared with 11% of white graduates. The average cost of earning a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) is roughly thirteen thousand dollars!

In this, my second tour of duty as a seminarian (the first with Perkins School of Theology, SMU in the late 90’s), I have tried at all costs to avoid the accumulation of debt. In fact, debt was the primary reason I was not able to complete Perkins.

Make no mistake though, the achievement of a seminary degree is a major accomplishment for any man or woman – even if only a modest salary awaits them at the end!

It is preparation for God’s work which inspires me, in spite of the struggle, to stay afloat.

There are no hard numbers when it comes to the sum total of black seminarians in America, but the history is rich with both men and women of upstanding character and stellar achievement, whose ranks I aim to join in building the kingdom of God on earth.

Still praying as I onward bound, Lord plant my feet on higher ground!

If you would like to donate to my emergency seminary debt relief drive, which include housing and books, send donations to:

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Office of Student Financial Services

P.O. Box 22480

Fort Worth, Texas 76122-0480

C/O Wayne E. Croomes (ID#0588705)

You can also gift me at $PWECMINISTRIES

May the Lord’s work continue!

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