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Power Bite: An Antidote for the Wicked.

'Wicked' is defined as "evil or morally wrong"; capable of harming someone or something. A wicked person is villainous. Know any villains?

The first thing that jumps out about that text is I don't want to be a part of that number, the wicked. Because when you look at it closely, being wicked does not work out so well: "soon the wicked disappear" (v10).

In fact, throughout this entire 37th number, the psalmist references the demise of the wicked numerously. At the same, the safety and security of the righteous triumphs!

Does this mean the wicked die? Or is it the withering of their influence to which psalmist points? You decide, using further etymological studies and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

But wait! The psalmist concedes a point about the wicked in verse 7c that most righteous people have grappled with for centuries: wicked people succeed at what they do!

Wicked people tell lies; wicked people dig ditches; wicked people obfuscate, and the sum of what wicked people do is success - resounding success!

The point is we should not be surprised when this happens.

Therefore, I am going to be the opposite of wicked. I am going to follow the advice of the psalmist: trust God and find something good to do every day of my life! (v3), whether it be moral, nice, useful or worthwhile.

I will be, do and bring GOOD today!

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