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Kusoma Book of the Week: Dough Boys by Paula Chase.

He loved his brother. His job was to protect him. Protecting him was as built into him as dribbling down the court for a layup."

Best friends Simp and Rollie navigate the pressures of basketball, middle school, and the complications of being caught up in the local drug ring. A story about the complex friendship of two lives going down different paths. #reading4greatness #kusoma

The Kusoma Book Club is an initiative sponsored by The Kusoma Project targeting black and brown boys between 3rd and 5th grades specifically and up to 8th grade generally.

Goal: to instill a love for reading in the targeted demographic.

Activities: Read portions aloud of the selected book to boys in the targeted group. If possible, have the child read aloud, as well. Discuss key ideas and concepts with the child, including character(s), ideas and themes. Keep it short and simple.

For more information or to give feedback, email

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