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I.M.P.A.C.T. Series: Five Needful Attitudes for Believers As We Move from Pandemic to Endemic.

As the global community dusts itself off from the ravaging effects of a once-in-a-life pandemic, the realities of what has been experienced are just settling in. Across financial, spiritual and relational spectrums, communities of faith and practice have been hard hit by forces that are threatening to change what, how and in whom we believe as a people of God.

In light of this new now, here are five needful attitudes believers must adopt as we move from pandemic to endemic.

Attitude Number One: We Must Deepen Our Faith.

Faith is practice. The current conversation focuses on relationship as opposed to "religion". While correctly opposed to denominational ritual, this stance misses the point of the value of spiritual practice and tradition. Deepening our faith is just as much "practice" as it is relationship-building. Spiritual practices such as worship, fellowship, communion and bible-study form the foundation which deepens our relationship with God and with one another.

Attitude Number Two: Make the Decision to Get into the Best Shape of Your Life.

The numbers don't lie. The overwhelming majority of negative health outcomes for our community in relation to the pandemic were associated with pre-existing conditions.

The Bible speaks to both spiritual transformation and physical wellness as the starting point for experiencing the abundant life. From Genesis to Revelations, God is seeking the well-being of His people. We owe it to ourselves to implement a spiritual formation approach that includes a sustainable physical wellness component.

Attitude Number Three: Commit to an Intensive Mental Wellness Campaign for Ourselves and Others

Our mental well being has always been a hush-hush topic. The fact is the pandemic has extracted an enormous toll on our collective mental health. The Bible is a veritable self-help tool kit for positive mental wellness. But we must build on that. We must implement tools to help ourselves and others respond constructively to fears which activate anger and anxiety trigger points. This principle applies equally to our youth and children. We must assist them in managing their emotions and sharpening their spiritual growth and commitment.

Attitude Number Four: Return to a Community Ethos

The pandemic fostered an era of individualism unprecedented in human history. We must return to an ethos that replaces self-reliance with a community spirit. Deepening our social values will enhance our collective integrity and ensures accountability through community activism and caring for one another.

Attitude Number Five: Share Our Faith

What has happened to evangelism? Do we still minister, teach and share our faith with others? As believers and as a peculiar people, we are defined by our faith in Christ, by reaching out to the lost and by building our families and communities into the kingdom of God. We must return to this creed.

These five needful attitudes will help to rebuild our trust, hope and faith in God and in one another.

IMPACT: Individuals Mastering Purpose Accountability Change Together

Pastor W. Eric Croomes Ministries Faith Influencer. Executive Director: The Charley and Dorothy Croomes Foundation. Creator of the Watch Your Life Series. I speak about the excellency of His name in all the earth and how that transforms our reality. articleshashtag#wellnesshashtag#stronglifehashtag#lifestronghashtag#fitnesshashtag#empowermenthashtag#goallthewayuphashtag#bodymindspirit

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