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Five Things Happen When Powerful Dads Think Powerful Thoughts!

Our doubts are traitors that make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.


What does it mean to be a powerful dad? Quite simply, it means to be in possession of one’s mental and spiritual faculties; to know what you want and to understand what it takes to get it. Above all, it means you are so committed to the gift of fatherhood that you’ll allow no circumstance to prevent you from the mission of being the best dad possible.

In order for one to become a powerful dad, though, one must immediately assume command of one’s thoughts.

Powerful thoughts are thoughts of strength, health and abundance. Powerful thoughts operate in the domain of faith. We must believe in ourselves.

The mind is where battles are fought and wars are lost. Many a dad has lost the war because their mind was not equipped with the right armor. Our thoughts stand as sentries guarding the entrance to the domicile of the mind.

A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it, wrote Marcus Aurelius.

For the dad who thinks powerful thoughts, powerful and amazing things begin to happen. He begins to sense his own power, throws himself on his thoughts, rights himself, assumes a dominant attitude and works miracles. This is a powerful dad!

Senses His Power From Within

Heretofore, you have sought assistance from external sources: family members, friends, your social network etc. A new feeling now sweeps over your consciousness; the embers of power now burn within. Slowly, surely and with a sense of exactitude, you begin to feel that amazing urge to, in the words of Les Brown, stand up inside yourself.

Throws Himself on His Thoughts

You have changed everything but your mind and that has – until now – not gotten you very far. And, if you can’t change your mind, you can’t change anything, as George Bernard Shaw would say. You understand that before any blessing can be harnessed, a thought-change must occur. Change your thinking and you change your life.

Rights Himself

Out of the wellspring of good, wholesome thoughts comes the renewed urge to right your perception of whom and whose you are. Renew within me a right spirit, pleads King David of God. Your ‘right’ spirit is inextricably linked to your right posture. When a man thinks right, he walks right, he talks right – he conducts himself as a right-thinking man!

Assumes a Dominant Attitude

Right-thinking is the precursor to assuming the dominant attitude so needed in contemporary society. As such you have become a dominant man, no longer allowing others to perch upon your bent back, because no person can ride your back unless it bent, Dr. King reminded us. It is not your destiny to be weak and walk in a spirit of dejection; it not your right to lead a defeated life. You are more than a conqueror!

Works Miracles

When a man lives as if he is more than a conqueror, he begins to work miracles. You work miracles in and for your life because you have answered that immortal question, what is it I want? When you get out of bed, your mission is to find the answer. If the answer is not readily apparent, you stop at nothing to provide an answer.

You are a miracle! You are going somewhere because you believe what Rollo May says when he writes, the Architect of the Universe didn’t build a stairwell going nowhere.

The process of thinking powerful thoughts does not just benefit the dad; it does wonders for the child. For when a child witnesses his or her dad sense his own power, throw himself on his thoughts, right himself, assume a dominant attitude and work miracles, this child will come to believe, my dad is powerful!

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