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CDCF: Why We Exist.

Through The Kusoma Project, our reading initiative, we imagine a world where black and brown boys are excelling in reading proficiency as reflected in test scores and are flourishing intellectually, spiritually, civically and socially.

'Kusoma' is Swahili for "love of reading".

One of our four core ideals is literacy. Specifically, our mission is to improve grade level reading comprehension among the black and brown boy elementary population. Our program includes:

  • tutoring

  • success academy

  • access to grade-level books

  • an online book club

  • annual read-in event

You can help by becoming a monthly donor toward our programming, OR by making a one-time donation toward our efforts at becoming fully credentialed by governing agencies. When you give to CDCF, your gift becomes a reliable source of funding for our long-term vision. For example, every dollar you give can provide up to ten picture books for a 3rd grader OR can go toward our annual read-in event.

We need your help in raising awareness and inspiring change as we empower the human endeavor by helping our target group thrive academically and socially!

Click below to read our vision and mission statement and to help CDCF bring a solution to this problem:

God bless you!

Pastor C.

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