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Black Men Mental Wellness Series: Grief

This weekend's Mother's Day celebration can be difficult for those who have lost their mothers. For black men, looked to by many as citadels of strength, it can be especially difficult (including myself). Men, follow these three biblical principles if you are grieving your mother.

1. Loss is hard. Grief is tough. When looked at as more an assignment than a struggle, you find God's grace. (Psalm 73:26)

2. Realize that it is not your strength that sustains you during grief, but rather the divine presence interceding within you. (Romans 8:26)

3. Remember you are human. Allow room for it. But remember, as a believer, your grief is comforted by hope. (1 Thessalonians 4:13)

Grieving is difficult. We as men are expected to be superhuman. We aren't. Pray. Seek help if you need it. They are both ordained by God.

Pastor W. Eric Croomes is a Faith Influencer and the Believers Coach. Join the conversation! (2) Facebook

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