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Black Fathers and Mental Wellness

A lot of our mental wellness as men is gathered and or scattered in fatherhood.

Black fathers face an anti-black world.

Black fathers face an anti-black man world.

Black fathers face an anti-black child world.

Add to this mix our own feelings of failure and inadequacies, and our vulnerabilities increase tenfold.

What we need most, as men and as fathers, is community, a place where we can share our deepest fear without shame or reprisal.

The faith community is such a place, or at least it should be. There are many black churches that promote men's spiritual empowerment. That's a good thing, obviously. But in a culture of rampant hopelessness, where black men are setting the pace for suicide and suicide ideation, we must reach deeper.

We must create that circle where inspiration, encouragement and ideas are shared and where black fathers feel validated.

Our mental wellbeing rides on our experience with our children and overcoming the many obstacles to such experiences. Because, in the end, if our men are struggling mentally, what does it portend for our children?

Pastor W. Eric Croomes is a faith influencer and believers' coach.

Reach Pastor C. at:

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