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Believers Think Positive in these Four Ways

Think Positive

The world is not short on coal, gas, food or clothes as much as it is short on optimistic people. We need more POSITIVE in the world, more people who will open themselves to their experiences and resist the urge to extract negative. As believers in Christ, we move and have our being in Him who has overcome the world.

Paul writes, Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. (Philippians 4:8) We are slowly (and prayerfully) moving out of this pandemic. How we “think” as we “do” is important. As you prepare for this new stage of life, it is important that you muster the faith to move forward in an optimistic manner.

Here are four ways an optimistic believer thinks.

Positive People Think the Right Thing

Positive people engage in right-thinking and right-doing. The opposite of right-thinking is wrongdoing. Deeds are the result of thinking; you can trace the end of what you do to the beginning of your thinking.

My heart is pure. My intention is clean. My thoughts, words and deeds are positive.

Positive People Think from a Place of Power

We cannot think from a place of weakness and expect powerful results. We do not have to throw pity parties when we are conscious of our power. Besides, even if we did, very few people but the like-minded will even show up!

We must always know who we are and whose we are. In other words, we get our power from a Higher Power. Otherwise, we are nothing more than dangling masses of human protoplasm.

Positive People Think Above the Circumstances

Optimistic people are not defeated by what they are going through. People do not really live under their potential; they live under their circumstances. By that I mean people have been held down by the burdens of living - bills, the job, wayward children – that they give up their efforts at continuous improvement at Christian living.

Positive people know this principle intuitively; they take it as a maxim that the more positive we think, the greater the positive outcomes possible.

Positive People Think Compassionately

In our society, compassion is quickly becoming a lost virtue. Bullying is up on all levels of our society, including at highest office. Positive people think against this grain; positive people always think compassionately and always regard the well-being of others more than themselves. The Gospels record multiple instances where Jesus was moved with compassion upon people.

We need more believers who will develop a positive from a negative.

Practical Application: You can think positive or negative. It is up to you. For seven days, write down every positive thought you experience. At the end of the seven days, sit in a quiet place and reflect on your affirmations.

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