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A Four Point Mindset for Embracing Your Season.

Fall is here! Shorter days. Longer nights. Chilly temps. Leaves on trees will begin to change color from green to yellow, orange and red. Our moods will change, also. Fall and winter seasons tend to bring on more reflection and less activity. An uptick in melancholy is normal; feelings of depression become real.

Whatever the season, God is faithful. God is sovereign. God is good! We may rest assured that is still in control

We know this because God promises in scripture that His word never changes. Do you know of some one who says one thing but can never be trusted to follow through? Not God!

Genesis 7 records the act of the flood. When the waters had abated in Genesis 8, God promised never again to destroy humankind. As Noah and his family and all of the animals on the ark begin to repopulate the earth, God says, “As long as the world exists, there will be a time for planting and a time for harvest. There will always be cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night.” (Genesis 8:22)

Note the two-season variation versus the four season model of modern culture. Ancient Hebrew culture was agrarian; there was planting and there was harvest; fruit was planted in one season, picked in another. In each season, though, the focus was on God, because it was God who gave the blessings of both planting and harvest.

Same for us today! Whatever season we may find ourselves in - whether coming out of a bad relationship; facing life without a loved one or difficult financial times - focus on the Lord of the harvest!

Consider these four attitudes:

DO WHAT IS RIGHT. Don’t give in to temptation for wrong, either toward yourself or others.

TRUST GOD COMPLETELY. Listen for God’s voice whatever you do wherever you are. He is the one who will keep you on track.

EMBRACE YOUR SEASON. The more you struggle with where you are, the less peace you will experience.

FOCUS ON THE LORD OF THE HARVEST. Do not sow sparingly in your season. When you focus on God and His goodness, you will reap magnificently.

Some seasons are long and dry. Some are short and wet. Some things are coming, some things are going; things are being revealed, other things are hidden. Whatever your season, all things are working together for your good and for them who love the Lord .

Whatever your season, God is faithful. God is sovereign. God is good.

Stay in confidence!

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