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S.U.R.G.E. into the New: Stand Up Reach God's Excellence, a new book by Pastor W. Eric Croomes!

Who would have thought we would wake up one morning to a global pandemic? Nobody! But here we are. The question is: what do we do now? We surge into the new!

Stand up and reach for God’s excellence.

That sentiment is precisely what a new devotional, SURGE into the New, by Pastor W. Eric Croomes, is aiming to instill: to equip readers with the mindset to come out of Covid-19 better than how they went in. The three P’s which mark our times – pandemic, protest, pandemonium – have not come to harm us, but rather to move us from a position of fear to a place of faith.

We will come out of Covid-19 better, stronger, wiser and more prosperous – if we stay in confidence!

SURGE argues that now is the time to shake off the fear, pick ourselves up and walk with confidence into our brand-new future.

Croomes is branding his latest work as more “devotional” than a typical book and will be offering it initially as a digital download before moving to print. It offers an axiom as a guiding truth: what we want most is on the other side of fear.

The biblical narratives of Mephibosheth, Joseph and Elizabeth are referenced as modern-day mirrors for believers as we seek to make sense of our own dilemma.  Each struggled with their own unique challenges and “pandemonium”; Mephibosheth’s becoming handicapped not of his own doing; Joseph being left in a pit by his brothers and Elizabeth’s living under the tyranny of other’s expectations.

Each of these important figures of faith moved into a new reality by conquering fear.

In the end, says Croomes, our priorities are what will matter. “This is not a time to be overwhelmed by overwhelm, but rather to focus on what is important: good health, big ideas and strong relationships. It is a time to reach higher, dig deeper and come out of this with a new determination.”

Stay in confidence. Step up to the challenge. Surge into the new!

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