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God of the In Between

God is the God of the in between. Consider Mephibosheth in the Books of Samuel of the Hebrew Bible. He was the son of Jonathan and grandson of Saul. At five, Mephibosheth was crippled at the sleight of a nurse attempting to protect him. He ended up in Lo-debar, a ghetto in the region of Gilead. Lo-debar means “place of no pasture”. After time, King David, seeking to honor his dear deceased friend, Jonathan, learned of Mephibosheth’s fate and sequestered him to the king’s court in Jerusalem.

In between Lo-debar and Jerusalem, young Mephibosheth surely doubted his value; certainly Mephibosheth’s faith waned, bruised by fate, as it were.

Maybe you are in between your Lo-debar and Jerusalem; between breakups; between finances; between promise and fulfillment; between goal and attainment; between what is and what will be, God is still constant!

Don’t give up on God, because God has not given up on you!

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8)! No matter where you are, you are a conqueror.

God did not forget Mephibosheth in between Lo-debar and Jerusalem. Mephibosheth is brought to the King’s court and dines at the King’s table.

God is the God of the in between!

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