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Four Truths Every Black Man Should Know.

We should know our social security number; we should know our birthplace and date of birth; we should know the day we got married – but is that all we should know? Of course not!

Our lives are not golden until we tap into that ineffable source of enlightenment called truth. Why? As black men, we constantly face its opposite – deception. Therefore, we should do our best to dwell on the virtues of our best thinking. Make truth your default settings; become so ingratiated with truth that falsehood cannot possibly enter your consciousness.

As we move within our physical environment – an environment under constant assault – we must keep our guards up and know the truth. The truth shall make us free!

You Are Right Where You Need to Be

This principle is simple: wherever you are, success begins right there. It’s not where you are or are not, it’s how you think about it that matters. You can use that bad mental habit as fodder for right-thinking. Where you “would’ve-could’ve-should’ve” been doing is not important – it’s what you are doing now. Looking back is a form of delusion that maintains an allusion and keeps you swept up into confusion. Don’t look back; keep looking and moving forward. You are in the right position for success.

Money Is Always Flowing

In so many ways and on so many levels, we fear money. That’s mainly due to bad experiences with money. Picture a pond, with its peaceful stillness. One sits by a pond to reflect and capture the serenity of the moment. Now picture a river, with its fast-moving currents which cut grooves into the earth it runs through.

Money is like the latter; it moves like a river and is never ‘still’ like a pond. Here’s the point: never say “I’m broke”! Always see money from an action perspective – fast and always moving, cutting grooves into our fossilized ways of viewing finance.

Your Power is in a Book

All books talk and good books listen, someone once said. Think about the power amassed in a book – from teaching you about who you are and what you can become to learning practical things such as starting a business or learning a new career. Pick up a book. It could be the best thing you’ve ever done. Do not let it be said about you that the knowledge you searched for and could not find was in a book all along. Your power is in a book. Begin with the Bible!

Your Health is your True Wealth

If you enjoy good health now, be thankful, because the fact is many of our brothers do not. Too many brothers are inactive, overindulging in poor health habits like smoking and living health-averse lifestyles which will lead to negative health outcomes. Don’t let that be you! Your health is your true wealth. Think about it. How much will you get from life if your time is constantly spent in emergency rooms and doctor’s offices; if you can’t get out of bed or even play basketball with your children?

Make it a goal to sweat at least ten minutes a day, even more if you can. Each day you are active you’re literally adding hours – and days! – to your life.

Because we are always under assault as black men, we must always know the truth.

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