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31 Day Agreement with God. Reflect. Renew. Reset.

31 Day Agreement is a place where you can drown out the noise and focus on God's will for your life. From December 1 to December 31, we will be in an attitude of prayer, focus, affirmation, goal-setting, wellness and cleanse as we anticipate God's brand new mercies for a brand new year. Our purpose is to reflect, renew and reset.

Each day of the agreement you will receive inspiration, encouragement and perspective, as well as wellness tips.

This is YOUR agreement with God! We simply want to support and encourage one another along the journey.

You will only need a journal (or notebook), a pen and your Bible.

31 Day Agreement is built around the answers to three questions:

One: what am I believing God for? (dreams, finances, health, relationship breakthrough etc)

Two: what is my biggest area for growth? (prayer life, health habits, managing emotions, spiritual walk, fellowship etc)

Three: what is most preventing me from moving forward? (procrastination, fear, anger, hurt, anxiety, depression etc)

Join us for the journey! Go into the new year in agreement with God.

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