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WYL Bible-Study Series: The Watch Principle

Since he has been set apart for sanctification, Paul urges Timothy to “watch” or “guard” his doctrine and his spiritual life as well as that of those for whom he had charge.

In forty years of ministry, I have observed this constant maxim: losing faith and succumbing to apostasy happens from the inside out versus the outside in. It is not what is happening around us, but rather what’s happening within us that leads to believer burnout. Correct doctrine is the basis of spiritual maturity. It’s simple: most people leave the church not because of the things going on in the church, but because they lack the spiritual maturity to handle the things going on in the church!

There are attitudes, habits, experiences that you must “pay attention to” in guarding against intrusion. For example, in your spiritual life, you may need to pay attention to the need for an enhanced prayer life. Note the bullet points below. Which area do you feel the most need to pray and grow in? Ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance as your walk through this mental exercise.

Things I Must “Watch” for In My Life:

Spiritual (For example: the need for prayer)

· Is prayer an intricate part of my daily life?

Emotional (For example: checking anger)

· Am I holding grudges in my spirit?

Physical (For example: becoming more active)

· Am I neglecting my physical health?

Devotional Scriptures:

1 Peter 5:8, Proverbs 4:23, 2 John 1:8, Deuteronomy 4:9, 1 Timothy 6:20

Excerpted from:

Watch Your Life: The Believer's Guide to Thinking, Speaking and Acting Confidently in a Belief-Challenged World

Pastor W. Eric Croomes Ministries 2023

All rights reserved Copyright 2023

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