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Three Reasons Why We Can't 'Watch'.

Waiting for the promise can be hard! Just ask the exiles in Babylon, chronicled in the Hebrew Bible, who had been in captivity since 587 (BCE). The temple had been demolished, the people scattered, dreams seemed far away. After many generations of waiting, they were on the verge of giving up.

The word of God breaks into the reality of the exile's situation, as it does for ours. The prophet Isaiah urges the exiles to "watch" or "behold" (NKJV); or to look at or observe something remarkable and attentively over a period of time.

Isaiah instinctively knew that things happen when people are in expectation of the greater over a period of time and that people can, given such circumstances, develop 'watch fatigue'.

Watch fatigue is the tendency to lose hope that things will ever get better.

Watch fatigue happens for three primary reasons:

One, we dwell or linger on past events, hoping that one day we will re-live those nostalgic times.

Two, we develop a grievance complex - a real or imagined wrong which leads to a spirit of complaint and which prevents us from watching the new that God is doing in our lives.

Third, watch fatigue is a spiritual contagion - it's infectious - spreading throughout one's environment by negativity. Recall the spies' return from Canaan when ten of the twelve gave a negative report of their mission. By the morning after the report, the nation of Israel was in a uproar of fear and demanded to return to Egypt.

If you have been waiting on a breakthrough, on things to get better, do not linger in past nostalgia, always remain grateful and watch who's speaking negativity around you.

It's not what's happening around you, it's what's happening within you.

'Watch' God as He does a new thing in your life!

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