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Help Us Close the Literacy Gap by Empowering a Love for Books!

We are preparing for our Fort Worth/Phoenix annual literacy event in August 2023. Part of that effort will be our Barbershop Read-In, an event in which we will help 3rd-5th grade boys develop a love for reading by giving them books to read as they await or are receiving a hair cut.

We need your help! You can help by donating appropriate grade-level (3rd-5th grade) books to this event or you can make a contribution.

Either way, please lift this event in prayer!

We believe literacy is a kingdom principle.

Ways you can donate:


Venmo: pwecministries

Zelle: 214.493.2875

PayPal: pwec min/infinite strategies llc

Your support is changing lives. God bless you!

Pastor C

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