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An Antidote for the Accuser

Is there someone pointing a finger at you? Holding a grudge with you? Has someone been angry with you for so long that they have likely forgotten why they got mad in the first place?

The Holy Bible describes such attitudes as the spirit of the accuser. The enemy's number one job is to point a finger at your supposed righteousness before God. This is what the enemy did with Job and other biblical characters.

In the natural realm, this spirit is amplified by people in our family, friend and social circles. Yes, those closest to you can become your biggest accuser. Indeed, they are your biggest finger pointer!

If you find yourself dealing with this spirit, follow this biblical antidote.

One: always listen for God's voice. He's the one who will keep you on track.

Two: do what's right, not what's expedient. Do not react. Rather, respond in the Spirit.

Three: trust God completely. Know that Christ has already sealed you until the day of redemption.

In Christ's victory on the cross, the accuser has already been cast down.


Pastor C

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